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Adama Sow is a ceramist who originates from Senegal (West Africa).

This master on the potter's wheel has been working with clay for more than twenty years now.

After finishing high school and already inspired by his big brother Alpha Sow who also was a ceramist, Adama decided to go the Fine Art School of Dakar (Senegal) where he obtained his diploma in ceramics in 1987.

As a rookie in the art world, Mr. Sow astonished everyone by the quality of his first exhibition at the Historic Museum of Goree in Dakar in 1989.

During the next five years, he worked in Soumbedioune Ceramics and  in his workshop in the capital city of Senegal. Also, he offered classes to both adults and children.

In 1995, his thirst for Art took him to Germany where he attended the ceramics school in Horgrenzhausen.

Adama Sow

In 2000, his fascinating craftsmanship and his fame made him travel to Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean where, during a great exhibition he was very excited to show his work with the well-known French ceramist Claude Berlie Caillet and the talented Swiss painter Michelle Delprete.

In 2001, Adama Sow traveled to Houston, Texas (USA) where he exhibited his work and taught kids. "I love kids," he said. " They have a lot of imagination and originality. They make extraordinary things."

Since 2002, Adama Sow has been living in Minnesota (USA) where he makes his living by selling his pottery and sculpture and where he is very pleased to teach. "I love teaching. I try to bring African techniques, which are different than those in the United States or Europe and mix them together. It is interresting to see what happens with the mix of cultures," he said.


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